Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls are London based and create vibrant clothes for lively babies, toddlers and kids. Their clothes are based around simple sweat shapes, colourful, comfortable, modern & fun with an emphasis on great unisex pieces that are perfect for all types of play.
In fact, ‘Out To Play’ is a bit of a mantra at Boys&Girls HQ. If it’s not comfortable and practical enough for playing in then it’s not worth wearing...
Each garment is created with care using GOTS certified organic cotton for kids and toddler clothes that are soft yet strong and have that EXTRA feel-good factor.
They also have a small range of fully certified Fair-trade Cotton Tees which we hope to extend as the company grows...
Boys&Girls clothing is cool yet practical and perfect for today’s vibrant urban lifestyle. Easy to wash, easy to wear and great for both boys & girls – just easy really!

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