Created by two architects who create products that 
 are targeted at the youngest trendsetters and, more recently, for their mothers. Their idea is to create simple but at the same time deconstructive and original forms in uniform colors. They put a lot of attention into the selection of materials, finishes and designer packaging that emphasise the simplicity and modern character of the booso company. Their trademark is the head of a bison, which makes the clothes characteristic and easily recognizable.
Booso Collar Voice Tee Quick shop

Booso Collar Voice Tee

$27.00 AUD $45.00 AUD

Booso Black Skirt Quick shop

Booso Black Skirt

$33.00 AUD $55.00 AUD

Booso Wide Voice Tee Quick shop

Booso Wide Voice Tee

$27.00 AUD $45.00 AUD

Booso Black Bison Pants Quick shop

Booso Black Bison Pants

$33.00 AUD $55.00 AUD

Booso Blue Acid Shorts Quick shop

Booso Blue Acid Shorts

$33.00 AUD $55.00 AUD

Booso Club Long Sleeve Quick shop

Booso Club Long Sleeve

$21.00 AUD $42.00 AUD

Booso Socks Bison Grey/Green Quick shop

Booso Socks Bison Grey/Green

$10.00 AUD $20.00 AUD

Booso Socks Striped Quick shop

Booso Socks Striped

$10.00 AUD $20.00 AUD

Booso Dressing Gown Quick shop

Booso Dressing Gown

$34.00 AUD $69.00 AUD