Polish Label, nosweet are not just little clothes. nosweet are big clothes for little people.
no sweet is created for well behaved children of misbehaving parents. Desinging new surprising patterns and looking after high quality of details is one thing; keeping in mind comfort, skin protection and ecology is another, maybe the most important of all.
nosweet use 100% organic cotton warranted by international certificates of Global Organic Textile Standars (GOTS) This means that the cotton used to tailor nosweet clothes has no toxic fertilizers or pesticides, and only certificated pigments are used for printed design.
nosweet clothes are tested by children themselves. They check nosweet up while staring indolently at floating clouds, observing thrilling adventures of ants, chewing grass, performing somersaults, riding a bike through puddles and dreaming about a space travel
Nosweet Black sweatshirt frill dress Quick shop

Nosweet Black sweatshirt frill dress

$20.00 AUD $65.00 AUD

Nosweet Emerald green deer smock dress Quick shop
Nosweet Light Grey Sweatpants Quick shop

Nosweet Light Grey Sweatpants

$20.00 AUD $67.00 AUD