Six Hugs & Rock n Roll

Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll is a Belgian brand with a contemporary view on today’s range of kids clothing and accessories. Known for it’s baggy pants, graphic shirts and comfy sweaters, the brand is inspired by music, street art and graphic design, what results into primarily unisex clothing for little rebels up to 14 years old
From the start we made the choice to work with organic yarns and recycled materials, with this we promise you quality with respect for nature.
Annechien Smolders, master in graphic design, created the brand in 2012 with the idea to make cute products with a great dose of Rock ‘n Roll. Today, a lot of big brothers, sisters and even moms & dads wished they would still fit in our biggest size.
The name says it all… it’s all about the attitude!
Six Hugs Blue Birthday hoodie Quick shop

Six Hugs Blue Birthday hoodie

$32.00 AUD $65.00 AUD

Six Hugs Feather Dress Quick shop

Six Hugs Feather Dress

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Six Hugs Black Leggings Quick shop

Six Hugs Black Leggings

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